The Clinical Classification System - Evidence Based Coding
CCC Manual

Nursing Interventions

The CCC of Nursing Interventions/Actions Version 2.5 consists of 804 Nursing Intervention/Actions. They represent 201 core nursing interventions (77 major & 124 subcategories) that are expanded by four Action Type qualifiers: Assess, Perform, Teach, Manage - totaling the 804 concepts. The major categories represent general activities and the sub-categories represent more precise activities depicting the clinical care by nurses and other health care providers.


A nursing intervention is defined as a single nursing action - treatment, procedure or activity - designed to achieve an outcome to a diagnosis, nursing or medical, for which the nurse is accountable (Saba, 2007).

Patient services are usually initiated as medical orders by a referring physician and reviewed by the admitting nurse. As part of the admission assessment the primary nurse also determines the nursing orders based on the signs and symptoms, diagnoses, and expected outcomes/goals; and together, form the plan of care that requires the nursing interventions following the nursing process (Campbell, 1990; Saba, 2007).


The CCC of Nursing Interventions was derived from the 73,529 nursing interventions and/or services narrative statements collected for the entire episode of care. Many of the statements were not always mutually exclusive and others were determined to represent a more precise description of a given intervention. Based on statistical analyses and clinical judgment the classification was designed and developed with major categories for the interventions that encompassed multiple tasks and sub-categories for the specific atomic-level tasks. Additionally, the nursing service statements were found to contain two aspects: (a) the nursing service, treatment, and/or intervention and (b) an action that qualified the action type of intervention. Both aspects were considered essential for providing patient care and used to create the terminology.

Action Type

The Action Types are four qualifiers used to expand the 201 core CCC of Nursing Interventions. The four Action Type qualifiers depict four different action types:

  • Assess/Monitor: Evaluate data on the health status
  • Perform/Care: Provide a therapeutic action
  • Teach/Instruct: Provide knowledge and education
  • Manage/Refer: Coordinate care process

By using a qualifier a nursing intervention is more precise and provides another facet of the care process that can be expressed in time and used to determine workload and cost. The qualifiers also add another digit to the coding process making it easier to code, classify, and analyze each intervention/action.

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