New Feature on User-Friendly App


The User-Friendly App for the Clinical Care Classification (CCC) System has been expanded to include on the first screen several examples of symptoms for each Care Component. For example for the Respiratory Care Component symptoms such as: Abnormal Breathing, Asphyxia, Cough, Wheezing, etc. are listed.  This addition should help identify the characteristics of each of the  Care Components.

Dr. Virginia K. Saba

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  • Dear Dr. Virginia K. Saba,
    Sorry to troubie you. My name is Luan Linlin, a nurse of Shandong Provincial Hospital from China. Now, we try to bring in CCC systerm and make it more suitable for Chinese condition. However, we had searched in your net and a lot of articles, we still could not find the 804 nursing interventions. If you can help us, we will be very grateful.
    Best wishes and have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!
    Sincerely Lin

    • Hello Luan. Thanks for your comment. The 804 nursing interventions are in a restricted area…please visit the Contact page and send a signed Permission Form to get the password into the restricted area (also accessed through the contact page). Thanks. On behalf of Virginia, Seth.

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