Action Types

The Nursing Intervention Action Types were considered to provide more precision to the Core Intervention and also reviewed, tested, and analyzed statistically. They were primarily verb phrases and represented different aspects of the nursing services provided. After several tests and analytics four (4) qualifiers were selected to expand the scope of the 201 Core Nursing Interventions to 804 Nursing Intervention Action Types. The four Action Type qualifiers depict four different scopes/ aspects of Action Types Qualifiers:

  • Monitor/Assess: Observes and evaluates data on the health status of the patient (no hands on the patient).
  • Perform/Care: Provides a therapeutic action to patient (hands on patient).
  • Teach/Instruct: Provides knowledge and education to the patient or caregiver.
  • Manage/Refer: Coordinates care processes of the patient (on-behalf of the patient-indirect care).

By using an Action Type qualifier, a CCC of Nursing Intervention becomes more precise and provides another facet of the care process that can be expressed in Time and used to determine Workload, Cost, and Evidence-based data.  The Action Type qualifier also adds another digit to the coded concepts making it feasible to code, classify, and analyze the Intervention Action Types separately.

Our online table of Action Types lists each of the 4 Action Type Qualifiers by: Code, Action Type & Definition. One of the four Action Types must be combined with each of the 201 Core Nursing Interventions to provide in-depth information about each of the 804 Nursing Interventions being used to document care.