Nursing Diagnoses

CCC of Nursing Diagnoses (V2.5) consists of 176 Nursing Diagnoses (60 major & 116 sub-categories). The major categories represent concrete patient problems and the sub-categories represent more precise related concepts.  Concept Each depicts patient problems/ diagnoses and/or healthcare conditions requiring clinical care by nurses and other healthcare providers. The Nursing Diagnoses and/or Patient Problems were collected from the original live research data that represented unique diagnostic concepts structured as a noun clause.


A Nursing Diagnosis is defined as “A clinical judgement about the healthcare consumer’s response to actual or potential health conditions or needs. The diagnosis provided the basis for determination of a plan to achieve expected outcomes.  Registered nurses utilize nursing and medical diagnoses depending upon education and clinical preparation and legal authority” (ANA, 2010, p.64).


The CCC of Nursing Diagnoses were derived from the 40,361 patient problems and/or nursing diagnosis narrative statements collected from the research study patients for an entire episode of care as requiring nursing services including the actual outcome of the care on Discharge.  The diagnostic narrative statements analyzed using “keyword” sorts as well as other statistically analyses resulting in the development of the major categories and sub-categories for the varying concept scopes which were structured as noun clauses. As described, the statements were coded with the preliminary vocabulary and then categorized by the original 20 Care Component Classes. The diagnoses were also linked to the most appropriate interventions that were considered the key activities to treat them.

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