Nursing Interventions

CCC of Nursing Interventions/Actions (V-2.5) consists of 804 Nursing Interventions/ Actions which represent 201 Core Nursing Interventions (77 major categories and 124 subcategories) that are expanded by four (4) Action Type Qualifiers: 1) Monitor/ Assess, 2) Perform/ Care, 3) Teach/ Instruct, or 4) Manage/ Refer) – totaling 804 Concepts. The major categories represent general interventions /activities and the subcategories represent more precise interventions/ activities depicting specific the clinical care by nurses and other allied healthcare professionals

For example:  ‘Pain Control’ encompasses both ‘Acute Pain Control’ and ‘Chronic Pain Control’. The nurse can use the general concept and/or a specific one whichever is more appropriate. It is always preferable to use the specific sub-category if there is evidence or symptoms to justify it since it is more precise concept for measuring care.


A nursing Intervention is defined as “A single nursing action, treatment, procedure, activity, or service designed to achieve an outcome of a nursing or medical diagnosis for which the nurse is accountable’ (Saba, 2007). A physician usually initiates the medical orders for patient services which are reviewed by the hospital admitting nurse. As part of the admission process the primary nurse interprets the medical orders and prepares nursing orders based not only on the medical orders, but also on the signs and symptoms, diagnoses, and other presenting problems together form the nursing plan of care (POC) which also includes the goals/expected outcomes that require the specific Nursing Interventions and Action Types to resolve (Saba, 2007).


CCC of Nursing Interventions were derived from the 73,529 nursing services, interventions, procedures, or care activity narrative statements collected for the entire episode of care from the original research study. Many statements were not always mutually exclusive while others were determined to represent a more precise description of a specific intervention.  These statements were analyzed using ‘keyword’ sorts as well as other statistical analyses resulting in the varying concept scopes and were structured as verb clauses.  The development of the major categories encompasses multiple tasks and sub-categories for the specific atomic-level tasks. As described the statements were coded with the preliminary vocabulary and then categorized by the original 20 Care Component Classes.

Additionally, the nursing service statements were found to contain two aspects: 1) the specific nursing intervention, services or activity and 2) an Action Type that qualified the scope of the intervention.  Both aspects were considered essential for documenting and providing patient care and were used to create the 804 CCC of Nursing Interventions.

To see a table of the 201 Core Nursing Interventions please click here.