Nursing Outcomes

CCC of Nursing Outcomes (V2.5) consists of 528 Nursing Outcomes (176 Nursing Diagnoses with 3 outcome qualifiers: Improved, Stabilized, or Deteriorated– these 3 qualifiers are used to modify the 176 diagnoses totaling 528 Nursing Outcomes). They are used to depict both 1) Expected Outcomes/ Goals and 2) Actual Outcomes.


The Expected Outcome qualifiers represent the Goal of the patient care and are documented in the future tense as: Will Improve, Will Stabilize, or Will Deteriorate whereas the Actual Outcomes qualifiers represent whether the Goals were Met or Not Met and are documented in the past tense as: Improved. Stabilized, or Deteriorated.  


CCC of Nursing Outcomes were derived from the Nursing Diagnoses/ Patient Problems that were collected  on admission and again on discharge and were considered to be another facet of the diagnoses narrative statements. As a result, the Expected Outcomes were created by using one of the three qualifiers as the proposed Goals of the Care on admission and the Actual Outcomes evaluated as the results of the Care on Discharge.  This process makes it possible to measure and/or evaluate the care process and the interventions provide the evidence for measuring the patient care outcomes.

Please visit our Outcomes table page to see each of the 3 Outcome Qualifiers by: Code, Outcome & Definition. One of the three Outcome Qualifiers must be combined with one of the 176 Nursing Diagnoses to provide the Goal or Expected Outcome of the Diagnoses on Admission and to provide the Actual Outcome on Discharge.