Step 2. Diagnosis:

Select a Major Diagnosis from Component E - Coping


E refers to: Coping which may be described as: Cluster of elements that involve the ability to deal with responsibilities, problems, or difficulties.

Possible Sub-Diagnoses

Component Code Concept Definition
E 10.0 Dying Process Physical and behavioral responses associated with death
E 11.0 Family Coping Impairment Inadequate family response to problems or difficulties
E 12.0 Individual Coping Impairment Inadequate personal response to problems or difficulties
E 13.0 Post-Trauma Response Sustained behavior related to a traumatic event
E 14.0 Spiritual State Alteration Change in or modification of the spirit or soul
E 52.0 Community Coping Impairment Inadequate community response to problems or difficulties
E 53.0 Grieving Feeling of great sorrow