Step 2. Continued: Diagnosis:

Select a Sub-Diagnosis from A01.0 - Activity Alteration


A refers to: Activity which may be described as: Cluster of elements that involve the use of energy in carrying out musculoskeletal and bodily actions.

01.0 refers to the major diagnosis: Activity Alteration which may be described as: Change in or modification of energy used by the body

Possible Sub-Diagnoses

If you do not want to select a sub-diagnosis from the table below, you can proceed to selecting an expected outcome for the major diagnosis 01.0 Activity Alteration.

Major Code Sub Code Concept Definition
01.0 01.1 Activity Intolerance Incapacity to carry out physiological or psychological daily activities
01.0 01.2 Activity Intolerance Risk Increased chance of an incapacity to carry out physiological or psychological daily activities
01.0 01.3 Diversional Activity Deficit Lack of interest or engagement in leisure activities
01.0 01.4 Fatigue Exhaustion that interferes with physical and mental activities
01.0 01.5 Physical Mobility Impairment Diminished ability to perform independent movement
01.0 01.6 Sleep Pattern Disturbance Imbalance in the normal sleep/wake cycle
01.0 01.7 Sleep Deprivation Lack of the normal sleep / wake cycle