Step 2. Continued: Diagnosis:

Select a Sub-Diagnosis from D08.0 - Knowledge Deficit


D refers to: Cognitive/Neuro which may be described as: Cluster of elements that involve the cognitive, mental, cerebral, and neurological processes.

08.0 refers to the major diagnosis: Knowledge Deficit which may be described as: Lack of information, understanding, or comprehension

Possible Sub-Diagnoses

If you do not want to select a sub-diagnosis from the table below, you can proceed to selecting an expected outcome for the major diagnosis 08.0 Knowledge Deficit.

Major Code Sub Code Concept Definition
08.0 08.1 Knowledge Deficit of Diagnostic Test Lack of information on tests to identify disease or assess health condition
08.0 08.2 Knowledge Deficit of Dietary Regimen Lack of information on the prescribed diet/food intake
08.0 08.3 Knowledge Deficit of Disease Process Lack of information on the morbidity, course, or treatment of the health,condition
08.0 08.4 Knowledge Deficit of Fluid Volume Lack of information on fluid volume intake requirements
08.0 08.5 Knowledge Deficit of Medication Regimen Lack of information on prescribed regulated course of medicinal,substances
08.0 08.6 Knowledge Deficit of Safety Precautions Lack of information on measures to prevent injury, danger, or loss
08.0 08.7 Knowledge Deficit of Therapeutic Regimen Lack of information on regulated course of treating disease