Step 2. Continued: Diagnosis:

Select a Sub-Diagnosis from N58.0 - Substance Abuse


N refers to: Safety which may be described as: Cluster of elements that involve prevention of injury, danger, loss, or abuse.

58.0 refers to the major diagnosis: Substance Abuse which may be described as: Excessive use of harmful bodily materials

Possible Sub-Diagnoses

If you do not want to select a sub-diagnosis from the table below, you can proceed to selecting an expected outcome for the major diagnosis 58.0 Substance Abuse.

Major Code Sub Code Concept Definition
58.0 58.1 Tobacco Abuse Excessive use of tobacco products
58.0 58.2 Alcohol Abuse Excessive use of distilled liquors
58.0 58.3 Drug Abuse Excessive use of habit forming medications