Step 2. Continued: Diagnosis:

Select a Sub-Diagnosis from R46.0 - Skin Integrity Alteration


R refers to: Skin Integrity which may be described as: Cluster of elements that involve the mucous membrane, corneal, integumentary, or subcutaneous structures of the body.

46.0 refers to the major diagnosis: Skin Integrity Alteration which may be described as: Change in or modification of skin conditions

Possible Sub-Diagnoses

If you do not want to select a sub-diagnosis from the table below, you can proceed to selecting an expected outcome for the major diagnosis 46.0 Skin Integrity Alteration.

Major Code Sub Code Concept Definition
46.0 46.1 Oral Mucous Membranes Impairment Diminished ability to maintain the tissues of the oral cavity
46.0 46.2 Skin Integrity Impairment Diminished ability to maintain the integument
46.0 46.3 Skin Integrity Impairment Risk Increased chance of skin breakdown
46.0 46.4 Skin Incision Cutting of the integument/skin
46.0 46.5 Latex Allergy Response Pathological reaction to latex products