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    (“the Company”) requests permission to have nonexclusive, royalty-free, world-wide rights in all languages and in all editions and formats – printed hardcopy and/or electronic version – to the Clinical Care Classification (CCC) System terminologies for use (through distribution, reproduction, incorporation, etc.) in its products and related services. The CCC System (formerly known as the Home Health Care Classification (HHCC) System) consists of two terminologies: (1) CCC of Nursing Diagnoses and Outcomes and (2) the CCC of Nursing Interventions and Actions, both of which are classified by 21 Care Components. The CCC System is copyrighted as TX 6-100-481. OBLIGATIONS OF THE COMPANY: 1. The CCC System will be used only in any one or both of the following ways: (a) used in any dictionary, vocabulary server product/application or other compilation of terminology, printed or electronic, provided that such use consists of ONLY the CCC System and no other nursing system terminology, language, vocabulary or classification system, and/or (b) used in any clinical applications primarily for use by nurses as developed by the Company. 2. The CCC System, if used as stated above in 1(a), will not be sold or otherwise provided for any monetary charge, although reasonable charges for associated costs (copying, distribution, etc.) may be made. The CCC System, if used as stated above in 1(b), may be sold as part of the Company’s clinical applications. 3. The CCC System will not be separately copyrighted by the Company. 4. The Company will give full credit to SabaCare Inc. for use of the CCC System in the Company’s product collateral and in any copyright registration based on the CCC System as a pre-existing work. 5. The Company will share with SabaCare Inc. any new concepts (nursing diagnoses/outcomes or interventions/actions) identified while using the CCC System. 6. The CCC System when updated will be provided in an electronic format to the Company.
May 29, 2020: This website has been superseded by careclassification.org