Plans of Care

The CCC System provides a new approach for organizing the patient record, documenting the nursing care process, and determining care resources. Additional samples can be found in Clinical Care Classification (CCC) System Version 2.5, 2nd Edition: User’s Guide. Three different Plans of Care are presented. They include:

  • Standardized
  • Individualized
  • Interactive


A Standardized Plan of Care is predefined for a specific disease or medical condition. The plan is structured as a Clinical Pathway and coded using the CCC. Downloadable Standardized Plan of Care Example: MS Word 40k | PDF 40k


An Individualized Plan of Care is designed using the CCC in real time for a specific patient with a specific disease condition. It follows the traditional plan of care format based on nursing knowledge of clinical practices. Downloadable Individualized Plan of Care Example. MS Word 38k | PDF 23k


The interactive plan of care consists of online branching logic allowing individualized menu-driven options, and adapted for the patient’s medical condition. Downloadable Interactive Plan of Care Example: MS Word 563k | PDF 235k